Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ebook: 101 Romantic Ideas

How should ... Makes you fall in love with me ... Wherever I write a million poems ... ... Replying to convince you of my love.

Should I die for you ...

Probably most of you already know with a piece of Bodom song lyric "I Should Die" above. Really had a million poetry created? But is it enough to just to make women's poetry submission?

Precisely must wear a million ways to get the woman of your dreams. 101 romantic ideas ebook is a collection consisting of 101 kinds of ways romantic lure your partner.


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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crown of Love

The story of a young man full of determination to go wander into the neighbor country. Hewent with the intention to work and study. Unfortunately, no relatives and even friendswho live there though but the way he met a woman who genuinely helped him during theneighbor country is. Unexpectedly, the seeds of love appear in his heart. Unfortunately,women hate men because of the history of life to a dark past. Did the young mancaptivate the idol of his heart. Read the continuation of his story in the novel El ShirazyHabiburrahman entitled "Crown of Love" here.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Acts 47 Former Samurai Retaliation

Once at the beginning of the 18th century, Japan's chaos. At that time, the Shogun's palace in Edo (now Tokyo), rife with the exhibition of luxury, corruption, and debauchery. Growing arts; nascent popular theater. With the merchant class to power, this time also the beginning of the end effect of mercenaries, or samurai.

Surprising events happened in Edo in 1701. In an angry and disappointed, Lord Asano of Ako attacking a corrupt court officials, triggering a series of events that ended with the most bloody revenge in the history of the Japanese empire. Revenge involves 47 Ronin (ex-samurai) of Ako.

Did they, in revenge for the death of his employer? Get the answer in the book "The Story of 47 Ronin" which can be downloaded for FREE here.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tips and Info at Automotive

If you have a vehicle of course you should know about the existing system in the vehicle. Minor minimal daily maintenance you should do for your vehicle remain durable and comfortable when worn at any time. Make those of us who may still not have their own vehicle (^_^) then does not hurt to learn the knowledge contained in the eBook "Tips and Info at Automotive" Indosiar offering this because it can be applied to increase our expertise.

Download FREE ebook "Tips and Info at Automotive" here.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Screensaver "Asmaul Husna" - 99 Names of Allah

Already we know about the 99 names of Allah and their meanings? Thank God if we are still memorized. If not there are many ways to learn and memorize. One way is to install the screensaver on our computers "Asmaul Husna". This screensaver displays 99 names of God one by one with the form letter included calligraphy and also means that it helps us to know and memorize. Its screenshoot like the picture above.

Download Screensaver "AsmaulHusna" now also here.

Aplikasi Belajar Gratis - Zenius

Dalam masa pandemi wabah penyakit covid-19 ini, para siswa memang dituntut untuk belajar di rumah. Banyak sekali aplikasi belajar yang ditaw...